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CONSPIRACY 2: Sugar Daddy Or Just A Hardcore Hustler?




I’m not trying to come for anybody, just here to share what I have observed over time with my blog readers

Everything stated here is nothing but my opinion, so if you read too much meaning into it… OPARI, that your BUSINESS to handle and a panadol to drink for your headache.

Today’s conspiracy will be based on a very funny, public figure that everyone sees as a joke, but is making money moves!!! He/she is a popular crossdresser in Africa (let’s name this figure Natasha), I can’t fully confirm if she (he likes to be referred to as a female) has fully transitioned from a male to female… and while am at it, wanted to get this off my chest… Girl the cloth you are padding in your flat breast is too clockable because HONEY I know they are fake boobs… At least dear get a real boob and let all these men stop drolling over boobs made of cloth. I know and understand you have the fear to go under the knife, even after your bestie had successful surgery last year… But do it for your brand YO!

Going back to Natasha’s humble beginnings, when she was still a tenant causing frenzy online with his gateman and imaginary bae. And by now if everybody doesn’t know that a bae never existed then please go and take your brain cells back from your village people, Natasha was a hardcore hustler who had big dreams, of living the la Vida Loca life with the added incentive of being famous. And she achieved that, with her numerous rants of going to see bae in her imagiNATION, and gullible Nigerians believed and that’s how her name was in our mouth without us even noticing that the more we gossiped about her the more relevant she became… and dear Nigerian there is a formula in show biz globally which is (being relevant=endorsement deals, paid promotion e.t.c). I mean even Kylie Jenner is a regular customer of posting thirst traps on Instagram to still top the algorithm.

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In the early stage of her hustle, let’s take it back to 2016/2017. She was a confirm cream seller, I heard her cream was sold internationally making over 600k daily, with the hidden fact that she gets her cream from the jack of all trades then modify it by add hypo (can’t relate). This situation was what caused a fall out between her and jack of all trades (JOAT) because even if Natasha rebranded the product to be her’s the one taking the hit of the aftermaths of adding the chemical was JOAT. This was not only the fall out she had with other celebrities. She had one with an artist who was trying a save what was remaining of his music career, and this was all because the artist refused to pay her money for using her gateman for a music video, in which I knew she would have given the gateman a good percentage out of the money if the deal had gone through as she planned… little did she know that her gateman had a mind of his own with his chicken brain cells as he cut a very cheap deal with the artist personally… I mean that is plain betrayal, and she wasn’t having it at all. Well to cut the story short, the gateman has gone back to his village…. meanwhile she and the musician aren’t cool anymore.

At this point she wasn’t trying to keep herself relevant online, because anything she says or do was the next top headline gist in seconds, everybody wanted to know who Natasha was that she even bagged the most search person in Google Nigeria in 2017. At this point she was mostly an influencer (as they like to refer to themselves ‘online sensation’….. dumbass MF), her Snapchat was the most viewed, and she capitalized this traffic by doing product/music promotion. While everybody got her name in their mouth talking this talking that, she was literally making millions on a monthly basis from people who decided to drink panadol for another man’s headache. She was making so much from promoting music and products that she bought a house worth 25m.

I think the biggest/major game-changer in her life was when she became friends with her sister in the Lord who is based in Abuja (the overdo foundation owner… the rate at which most celebrities are opening a foundation… at this point I won’t be surprised if every one of them established a foundation, not that it’s a bad thing… But it’s them calling us STUPID in plain sight!! The foundation is mostly their front gear for helping elite fraudsters clean their money, drug lords, corrupt politicians embezzle money!!) we deviated for a while back there… now back to our Natasha, her sister in the Lord guided her through the show biz world and introduced her to bigger Nigerian boys based in Nigeria and abroad.

If you noticed towards the ending of 2018-2019 the money moves were major not because of her cream business, at this point she still claimed to be selling cream, but in the backyard, she was slowly doing other things and the cream business was closing because she saw another source of income giving her millions.

The first Nigerian big boy she got involved with was the Gucci master, helping him to clean his money was great business for her, she was making millions weekly, monthly by signing endorsement deals then the money will be double the amount even triple when she’s being paid for the said endorsement deal, all the back-to-back endorsement deals were sackam naije. But things didn’t last with the Gucci master as their partnership was torn by monetary issues, due to them continuously arguing about percentage cut (LMAO… can’t relate).

Then she became friends with the main bullion van, Gucci master lethal enemy/competitor (a lot of bad blood between these two…. a discussion for another day). They had a connection and are still in business until this day… No drama or anything. With all this going on in her life, it’s no wonder that her reality show didn’t come through, plus due to the fact that she couldn’t be on camera without makeup everything (even if it means she needs to wear makeup will sleeping during production), and the packaging of her fake boobs made with cloths padded in her breast, too many eyes, and the schedule didn’t work with the media mogul who wanted to anchor the reality show.

Natasha is still living the la Vida Loca life, but no peace of mind for sure… Can’t relate. She has two luxurious cars and the other monster she wanted to add to her fleet of cars didn’t fall through because at the time the car landed in the port of Lagos she didn’t have the funds to pay for the clearing fee (heard it would have cost her over 7m, and at this point, her bullion van was in trouble with Interpol for fraud, the business wasn’t flowing) she wants something badder now, I heard (thinking about the 2019 G-wagon because she has posted that she definitely will be getting a Mercedes G-wagon).

The morale story to learn here is, be you, and the world will make space to accommodate you because the best feeling is making the paper at the end of the day (but ABEG make the paper and make sure peace of mind comes with it). As the saying goes.. “you can only attain success by putting yourself out there without holding anything back!”

Be YOU for YOU and by YOU!

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