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CONSPIRACY 1: Reports Shows COVID-19 Was In Saudi-Arabi In 2013, Not Wuhan



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When I saw this cut out of a newspaper published in 2013, I couldn’t help but write this article.

From what we can see, the COVID-19 is not a new virus, as it’s being existing since 2013, and my guts tell me it’s being longer than that.

The Colum heading was “NAHCON to distribute nose mask to pilgrims” which proves it was existing but not as erratic and catastrophic effect as it is now, killing over a staggering 1million people globally (yeah, you are thinking right… Mass reduction in the world’s population). The world population continues to grow so much that from 2005-2018 the world population increased by over 1.5billion.

There are reports that the Coronavirus broke out from a Chinese lab in Wuhan, at least that’s what the US president, Donald Trump says continuously, while the official medical reports debunk news that the virus was as a result of a lab breakout in China, rather it originated from an animal in the seafood market in Wuhan. This are all trash as I strongly believe that the Virus was intentionally created by elites as mass population control, and 5G was the only new thing that seemed so dangerous to tie the Coronavirus deaths to.

Many people are currently getting information about the Coronavirus online, and I can’t stress about this enough, “It’s not everything that you see online, is true or that you believe!”. With false information linking the coronavirus to 5G telecoms or Chinese labs is being widely shared on social media. This virus was bioengineered by scientists in a lab to be used as a weapon or a form of mass population control. 5G was a favorite target for many theories long before the Coronavirus surfaced, now it’s just being tied to 5G as being the cause of deaths globally. This is a war the world is fighting not with a physical enemy, but with a micro substance, that’s what we were told to believe. This whole thing just looks like it was cooked up by the actual people that run the world ( if by this time you don’t believe that there’s are not people behind the scenes that we don’t even know their fucking names pulling big and major stunts, then baby you need to know how the planet earthworks between the masses and people in control!)

My take is that the Coronavirus was intentionally created by Chinese scientists as a biowarfare weapon. According to Pew Research, “nearly three-in-10 Americans believe that COVID-19 was made in a lab,” either intentionally or accidentally (the former is more popular: specifically, 23 percent believe it was developed intentionally, with only 6 percent believing it was an accident). Professional conspiracy theorists like David Icke and InfoWars’ Alex Jones, COVID-19 doesn’t actually exist but is a plot by the globalist elite to take away our freedoms. Early weaker versions of this theory were prevalent on the political right in the notion that the novel coronavirus would be “no worse than flu” and later versions are now influencing anti-lockdown protests across several states in the US. Because believers increasingly refuse to observe social distancing measures, they could directly help to spread the epidemic further in their localities and increase the resulting death rate.

I strongly believe there is a vaccine already, that is very exclusive, available to very and extremely exclusive people, and when I say exclusive I don’t mean celebrities, because your average A-list celebrity is not as exclusive as you think in the real world, am talking about the worlds elite. I am referring to the people in actual power running the way things work in the world because there’s no way anyone is telling me that the death of the researcher, identified as Bing Liu who reportedly was close to finding the source of the Coronavirus was shot dead mysteriously (read here). I will just end the note on the researcher’s death by saying there is more to it than we actually know.

Most conspiracy theories, like the viruses they resemble, constantly mutate and have several variants circulating at any one time. Many of these plots and subplots seem to involve Bill Gates, who became a new target of disinformation after gently criticizing the defunding of the World Health Organization. According to the New York Times, anti-vaxxers, members of QAnon and right-wing pundits have seized on a video of a 2015 Ted talk given by Gates — where he discussed the Ebola outbreak and warned of a new pandemic — to bolster their claims he had foreknowledge of the COVID pandemic or even purposely caused it.

A recent variant of this conspiracy theory, particularly beloved by anti-vaccination activists, is the idea that COVID is part of a dastardly Gates-led plot to vaccinate the world’s population. There is some truth in this, of course: vaccinating much of the world’s population may well be the only way to avoid an eventual death toll in the tens of millions. But anti-vaxxers don’t believe vaccines work. Instead, some have spread the myth that Gates wants to use a vaccination program to implant digital microchips that will somehow track and control people. The spread of misinformation has meant that ID2020, a small non-profit that focuses on establishing digital IDs for poorer people around the world, has had to call in the FBI. (The Cornell Alliance for Science is partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.)




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