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Lauryn Goodman and Kyle Walker’s baby’s gender revealed by footballer’s ex



Lauryn Goodman and Kyle Walker's baby's gender revealed by footballer's ex

Lauryn Goodman and Kyle Walker’s newborn baby’s gender has been revealed by the England footballer’s furious ex of 10 years Annie Kilner.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night, the former WAG, 27, wrote: ‘FYI… it’s a BOY!’ effectively ruining any potential magazine Lauryn may have had in place.

The England player, 29, and social media star Lauryn, 29, welcomed their first child together last week, following a brief romance last summer.

Having welcomed their son, footballer Kyle Walker’s other ex Annie took a swipe at the sportsman on social media over the weekend.

The England player was targeted by ex Annie who posted a thinly-veiled dig on Instagram.

It read: ‘A man who disrespects a loyal woman deserves a heartless hoe.’

The quote appeared to also take a low blow at Lauryn, who has innocently stayed out of any drama, concentrating solely on her new child.

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