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The Walking Dead: Negan officially becomes a Whisperer



The Walking Dead: Negan officially becomes a Whisperer
Negan was unofficially inducted into the Whisperers on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Captured by Beta (Ryan Hurst) while fleeing Alexandria, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was initially blindfolded and ordered to perform random tasks.

The ‘Big Man’ had him digging graves, carrying walkers, killing a hog and slicing up flesh to prove his worth—then denied him rest and food.

Beta gave him just a pocketknife to defend himself against walkers, but no matter what he did, Negan came back for more, bent on joining the group.

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The Walking Dead: Negan officially becomes a Whisperer

After he survived a nighttime attack, Negan strode defiantly into the Whisperers’ circle, covered in scratches, and carrying a bloody branch.

‘I’m ready for my godd*** skin suit,’ he declared. ‘You must bring that extra-long tape measure on account of my humongous balls.’

He laid his weapon down at Alpha’s feet.

‘I’m all in,’ he offered. ‘Whatever you want, whatever I got. It’s yours.’

Like a snake, Alpha craned her head around his, examining him from every angle.

‘Shhhhhh,’ she hissed, smiling at him.

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