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Mark Zuckerberg has off-the-record meetings with conservatives after Trump threatens to sue Facebook



Mark Zuckerberg has off-the-record meetings with conservatives after Trump threatens to sue Facebook

Facebook originator Mark Zuckerberg has discreetly held casual chitchat gatherings and suppers with preservationist columnists, observers, and even met with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, after President Donald Trump took steps to sue the social media stage not long ago.

Zuckerberg, held the confidential gatherings, just as meals at his California homes, following Trump’s risk to sue Facebook and Google in June for what he saw as a predisposition towards moderates.

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The gatherings concentrated on ‘free articulation, out of line treatment of traditionalists, the interests procedure without a doubt or saw unreasonable treatment, certainty checking, associations, and protection,’ a source acquainted with the gatherings told Politico.

The reaction to the outreach, at least for some of the sources who spoke with Politico, appeared to make the kind of progress the tech entrepreneur was looking for.

‘My perception of him was more positive than I anticipated,’ this person said. ‘He was receptive and thoughtful.’

‘I’ve always thought that he wanted to make things right by conservatives,’ said another person familiar with the dinners. ‘I think he’s been genuine in hoping that might happen. Sometimes I think the headwinds are so strong in Palo Alto that I don’t think even he can succeed.’

Zuckerberg met with Graham earlier this year, who at a 2018 congressional hearing charged Facebook had become a monopoly. A spokesman confirmed the meeting with the South Carolina senator.

There also were meetings between Zuckerberg and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a critic who has called him ‘the death of free speech in America,’ and conservative radio talk host Hugh Hewitt, who called for a regulatory crackdown on ‘big tech bias’ against conservatives, reports Politico.

Others at the Zuckerberg included CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, American Enterprise Institute fellow and former Washington Free Beacon editor Matt Continetti, Town Hall editor and Fox News contributor Guy Benson, and Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell, according to the person familiar with the gatherings.

Washington Examiner chief political correspondent and Fox News contributor Byron York confirmed his attendance, but declined to disclose discuss details because the conversation was off-the-record.

Political and Silicon Valley insiders say Zuckerberg has been hosting the dinners since July, and suspect his motives are to be friendlier with right-wing conservatives after Trump’s upset with Facebook this past June.

The president complained about alleged biases against conservatives on social media and said the government should sue Facebook and Google.
Mark Zuckerberg has off-the-record meetings with conservatives after Trump threatens to sue Facebook



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