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Nigerians react as hotel serial killer enjoys a nice meal during official parade by Police



Nigerians react as PortHarcourt hotel serial killer enjoys a nice meal during official parade by Police

In a photo which has now gone viral, the suspected hotel serial killer that was arrested was pictured eating a bowl of rice during his official parade by the Police, and Nigerians didn’t seat well with the picture and have taken to social media to react.

The PortHarcourt suspected serial killer identified as Gracious David West was officially paraded by the Police today, following his confession to killing at least 7 girls in Rivers, Imo and Lagos state.

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See some reactions below…

Na so them go take leave am, we no go hear anything again about him – chiomaudoabagu

Why are they just parading this guy everywhere. Y’all should take his confession and charge him to court. – aleebaba_of_bitcoin

How dare you allow a serial killer to eat but you refused Sowore from eating or change his dress…yall are mad – sexyreena_patti

Something doesn’t add up about this case….. – soberdrunk8

This guy suppose dey collect gbas gbos na , or should we send our SARS from Lagos since u people don’t know what to do ? – kingtamuno

My own is, have they asked him about the other killings?
Is he responsible for all of them or are there other killers out there?
Let’s not just focus on one person while someone else is out there plotting another killing.. – @CrystabelKelsey

Yes hes responsible for the killing of 5 ph ladies, one lady in owerri and lagos..
There are 3 other suspects but they’re still under interrogation so they cant say much about them yet.. As in ehn. Said wen d killing 1st started he went 2 confess 2 a pastor who den asked him 2 seek 4 deliverance 2ru a senior pastor in a crusade dat was 2 hold d followin week. But wasnt able 2 see d said pastor dat week so he stopped goin 2 church nd went bak 2 wat hes gud at. – – @Taofiqkade

He even wore socks and palm slippers… Eni to ye ke tu si ihoho ki gbogbo oko to fin sebi, ko han si gbogbo aye, you should now beat the living daylights out of him, Eleribu – @Jokotade_ng

Police is truly ur friend😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 – @moefelundun

See confirm meat inside the food, ọmọ this one na celebrity serial killer. – @ebedee



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