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Woman commits suicide after gambling away £36,000



Woman commits suicide after gambling away £36,000 in a fortnight

A gambling addict killed herself after her mother sold her home to give her £36,000 to clear her debts only for her to lose it all in two weeks.

Kimberley Wadsworth, 32, of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, started gambling in 2015 after becoming depressed following the death of her father and problems with her marriage.

She spent a total of £44,000 gambling, including trips to casinos, and even lost £17,000 she was given from her grandmother’s will.

Mother Kay, 65, said she made herself homeless to try to help her daughter by selling their home only for her to immediately waste it.

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Mrs. Wadsworth told the BBC: ‘I sold my house in Leeds, the family home. I gave her £36,000 so that she could pay off her gambling debts and she didn’t pay it off.

Woman commits suicide after gambling away £36,000 in a fortnight

‘She didn’t pay a penny off and she just gambled it all away within two weeks and I became homeless.’

Mrs. Wadsworth even arranged for her daughter to see a hypnotherapist to try to cure her addiction but she never attended the session.

She then received a text from Kimberley saying ‘It’s too late for me mum’ and she was found dead shortly afterward.

Mrs. Wadsworth said her daughter may still be alive if gambling clinics were more readily available.

She said: ‘They know how to deal with these people that are gambling addicts, and they know the signs. It’s the signs and knowing what they’ve said and known that they’re hiding it. And the lies that they tell, it’s unbelievable.’

The clinic has been set up by NHS England and charity Gamble Aware and is run by Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust.

It will cost around £1million a year and funding is in place for the next three years.

Health minister Matt Hancock said more clinics are planned for Manchester and Sunderland to ‘undo the damage caused by gambling and protect our most vulnerable’.

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