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Accountant jailed after stealing $250,000 from his Victorian accounting company



Accountant jailed after stealing $250,000 from his Victorian accounting company

Mina Saad, 32, pleaded guilty to two charges of theft at Victoria’s County Court on September 9 and was jailed for 12 months.

Saad stole more than $250,000 while working at Polivac International Pty Ltd after transferring company funds to his own bank account.

He claimed that he stole the money from Polivac owner Tony Antonious’ company because he was experiencing relationship problems.

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However, Judge Scott Johns said Facebook photos proved Saad was using the money to fund his lavish lifestyle.

‘You might be said to be living the high life on Mr. Antonious’ companies’ funds,’ Mr. Johns said.

He had only been working for the company for a month before he began stealing money in September 2015.

He racked up a staggering $256,000 of stolen money over 43 transactions that also included transferrals from a second company connected to Polivac.

Saad had stopped stealing the funds by October 2016 before leaving the company in December.

The 32-year-old was eventually busted in March 2017 and the company’s owner, Tony Antonius, reported him to police in July the same year.

After being charged in November, Mr Antonius said in an impact statement that Saad’s theft affected his business relationships with clients which lead to severe psychological issues, The Herald Sun reported.

The former accountant said he had stolen the money because he had gotten into the wrong crowd and developed a drug and gambling problem.

The majority of the money was spent on cocaine and meth as well as a stint at the Crown Casino that saw Saad blow $115,000.

‘Your extraordinary fraud left the companies in a dire financial predicament,’ Mr Johns said.

‘You breached that trust on 43 occasions over a 13-month period not long after you first walked through the door.’

Saad was given a 30 month community corrections order along with his 12 month sentence.

He has so far paid back $23,000.



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