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Kim Kardashian makes $2million within seconds from sales of new shapewear ‘SKIMS’



Kim Kardashian makes $2million within seconds from sales of new shapewear 'SKIMS'

Despite some technical difficulties prior to the launch, Kim Kardashian has still managed to rake in an estimated $2million within minutes of it going on sale.

The business-savvy reality star, 38, launched her SKIMS range of shapewear on September 10 after furious claims of cultural appropriation prompted a hasty rebrand and subsequent departure from its ill-thought original name – the Kimono.

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But despite the upset Kardashian’s range of undergarments reportedly sold out within moments of going on sale, and sources claim the first-day sales have exceeded those reached by other, better-established brands.

It’s understood that globally recognized brand Spanx raked in $4million within its first 12-months on the market, while SKIMS Solutionwear managed an average 50% of that figure in just one day.

TMZ claims the official website crashed due to the volume of traffic clamoring to gain access before the affordable range, of which nothing is priced above $100, had even launched.



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