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Lily-Rose Depp and boyfriend Timothée Chalamet pack on the PDA while aboard a boat in Capri



Lily-Rose Depp and boyfriend Timothée Chalamet pack on the PDA while aboard a boat in Capri

Lily-Rose Depp, 20, and Timothée Chalamet, 23, packed on the PDA on Monday, as they smooched while relaxing aboard a luxury boat during their current getaway to Capri, Italy.

Wearing her skimpy little animal printed bikini out in the hot Italian sunshine, Lily seemed to have an insatiable appetite for Timothee as the couple embraced and kissed passionately whilst out on their boat.
Lily-Rose Depp and boyfriend Timothée Chalamet pack on the PDA while aboard a boat in Capri

The couple has been romantically linked since September 2018 but has never confirmed their relationship officially.



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