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Download Sermon: The Mystery Of Time And Money – Apostle Joshua Selman



Download Sermon: The Mystery Of Ten Virgins - Apostle Joshua Selman

Clergy: Apostle Joshua Selman
Title: The Mystery Of Time And Money

The Battle of wealth is a battle of time redemption not a battle of riches. Humans are allocated time on this earth. The unit of Destiny is Time, which means, destiny is measure as a function of time, and you are only useful on earth when you have time. No matter what a man has, if time is not on his side he has nothing. It takes time to serve God, time for family, time for God’s service, time to pursuing purpose, etc.

The kingdom of darkness understands this and Satan will do anything to take time away from believers life, the only thing men can give their time to get his money. So, Satan uses everything to make it difficult for believers to get money by hardening the economy and giving all their time to get money and not having time for kingdom things.
How then can believers beat this?

Apostle Joshua Selman teaches about this in this sermon. Use the download button below to download and share to your friends and loved ones.

Download Sermon Here

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