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Trump says he wants conversation with Iran’s Rouhani to avoid war



Donald Trump pronounced his expectation to look for a peaceful solution for the Iran crisis, he said ‘readied to deal with the duty’ of squeezing the red catch on the off chance that he needs to.

Showing up on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, the President said he expects to have exchanges with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to deescalate strains among Iran and the US.
Trump says he wants conversation with Iran Rouhani to avoid war
Asked by questioner Piers Morgan what the present province of Iran-US relations are, Trump said the two gatherings were keen on a gathering to determine their disparities.

As of late, pressures have taken off as the U.S. augmented its military nearness in the Persian Gulf because of an unexplained risk from Iran.

‘Will you talk with Rouhani? Would you jaw with him?’ Morgan asked.

‘You’re talking about the talk? Yeah, of course. I would much rather talk. I’ve said that and he’s said that.

‘I know so much about nuclear weapons – don’t forget that I’m the one that gets trained and has to study this – and I see the horrible damage done. I don’t want that.’

Trump said relations with the Middle Eastern nation had improved since he came to power in 2016, and that Obama had allowed the state to become a ‘terrorist nation’ during his time in the White House.

‘Iran was a place that was very hostile when I came into office. They were a terrorist nation,’ he said.

‘Obama did a terrible deal because it was a short-term deal. We paid with more than $150billion in cash.’

‘I terminated the deal and Iran is a very different country today.’
Trump says he wants conversation with Iran Rouhani to avoid war
Asked by Morgan whether he was planning on going to war with Iran, the President said: ‘I don’t want to but there is always a chance.’

The President was also asked about the possibility of using the ‘red button’ and using nuclear weapons against Iran.

He called the prospect of pushing the button a ‘terrible responsibility’ but said there ‘may be a time when he has to think about it’.

‘I think it’s a terrible responsibility but one I’m prepared to handle,’ he said.

‘I don’t want to have to think about it, but there may be a time when I do have to think about it.’

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