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ISIS pharmacy student jailed for stabbing stranger with knife



An ISIS-motivated drug store understudy who over and again cut his old neighbor with a chasing blade has been imprisoned.
ISIS pharmacy student jailed for stabbing stranger with knife

Ihsas Khan, 25, was given a base 27-year correctional facility sentence on Wednesday in the wake of wounding Wayne Greenhalgh, 57, at Minto, south-west Sydney, in September 2016.

The NSW Supreme Court jury dismissed Khan’s case that he was experiencing a psychological sickness at the time and that a jinn, or extraordinary being, told him to kill somebody.
ISIS pharmacy student jailed for stabbing stranger with knife

Justice Geoffrey Bellew jailed Khan for a maximum 36 years with a non-parole period of 27 years, noting Mr. Greenhalgh was clearly ‘acutely traumatized’ by the stabbing.

He was satisfied the original intention of Khan, who described himself as ‘an unskilled assassin’, was to carry out the crime on the 15th anniversary of the World Trade Centre terrorist attack in New York to gain international recognition.

At the time of the attack, victim Greenhalgh fled for his life, cowering in a neighborhood hairdresser, as unlikely local heroes intervened to subdue Khan.

Khan was tasered and taken into custody where he was charged with committing a terrorist act.

During his trial, Khan had pleaded not guilty due to mental illness.
ISIS pharmacy student jailed for stabbing stranger with knife
The court heard Khan planned to attack a stranger on September 11, to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York.

He chose Mr. Greenhalgh because he was wearing a T-shirt with an American motif and repeatedly yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the stabbing.

In a police interview following the attack, Khan was asked how he felt about the stabbing and compared it to eating a chocolate bar.

‘[It felt] like eating a Picnic bar. You don’t really think about it, do you?’

Khan was then asked if he thought the stabbing was ‘normal’.

‘Is it normal for you to drop bombs in Iraq and Syria? It’s the same thing,’ Khan responded, adding that he ‘felt nothing’ and didn’t regret his actions.

One of the heroes who stopped Khan, Allice Ah Fa, tragically died by suicide at the University of Western Sydney last April.

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